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A Pirate’s Life for Me

The first card game of the new year was to be held at my house, and I was feeling a little uninspired.   Winter wonderland didn’t seem appropriate since we were beginning to feel a little cooped up.  I flipped through my magazines looking for something different but couldn’t quite settle on an idea that would be both unique and able to be pulled off in a short time.  Daisy came to the rescue when she asked me to color with her one afternoon.  I am a well-known colorer and take great pride in both my selection of colors and the terrific job I do of outlining everything that I color.  I find it very restful and didn’t mind a bit when she asked.  We flipped through a few used coloring books to find just the right page.  Daisy found a picture that took up two pages that we could work on together, and we discussed who would color what sections.  It was a boat on an island with treasure chests and swashbuckling pirates.  I looked it over, and felt a light bulb go off in my brain.  Island theme!  Maybe even pirates, and definitely treasure.  I was coloring with my hands, but my head was planning.  The island theme would take us out of our wintry doldrums and plant us firmly in a tropical zone.  I have a beautiful pineapple shaped bowl for serving, and could dig out the leis from last summer’s beach party.   The drink would have to be a show-stopper and not one of my usual dark whiskey choices.

Later that day, I took some time to flip through the encyclopedia and check out some real island pictures.  I’m wasn’t sure everyone would feel comfortable wearing island clothing mid-winter, but I could crank up the heat to add to the effect.  I called our phone tree queen, Gail, and told her to spread the word about the theme and the voluntary option to dress for the party.

Card party day started out with a brutal cold wind.  I finished up my cleaning and the food preparation and turned the thermostat to 80 degrees.  I could hear hot air blowing throughout the house.  I made a mental note to turn it back down after the party so Steve wouldn’t notice how much heat I used.  To my delight, everyone came dressed for the occasion.  I’m not even sure where Sarah found the grass skirt that she wore underneath her heavy church coat, and we took more time than usual showing off our outfits at the start of the party.   There was a lot of giggling.  The giggling may have been helped along by my secret weapon, my Really Rum Punch.  Not my normal liquor choice, but it worked for the party, and everyone enjoyed it.  Maybe I should try new things more often.  I wonder what else is in those coloring books…



Really Rum Punch

1  3/4 cups rum, mix up the varieties, if possible
2 1/2 cups pineapple juice
2 1/2 cups orange juice
2 1/2 tablespoons lime juice
3 tablespoons of maraschino cherry juice
Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl.  Pour over ice cubes in tall glasses.