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Cake Bake

It’s been a busy couple of days for me!  I met with the other Mother’s Club members to plan the annual auction and cake bake.  I called local businesses for donations and was able to get some great prizes – the kids will get some terrific school trips this year.  Miesel’s pharmacy donated a free lunch for two at the soda fountain, Davis’ Sundries donated a $20 shopping spree, Gera’s gave us a free evening of unlimited pool, and Friel’s donated two cases of beer.  I know that Mr. Friel offered that second case because of my patronage.

Before each big holiday, I always stop at Friel’s to order lots of boxes of those candy-colored soda pops.  Friel’s has a mysterious cool darkness inside the store with stacks of bottles and kegs lined up against the wall. There’s a faint smell of fermentation and an undercurrent of vice in the experience of shopping there.  In the summer, the rainbow colors of the pop look great displayed in the big wash tub of ice.  Everyone loves the sticky sweet flavor and I always snag my favorite orange pop.    Mr. Friel always delivers our order himself.  And the kids love to bring back the empties because I let them collect and keep the deposit.

The soda pop gave me inspiration for my cake for the sale – my delicious Orange Soda Cake.  No plain jane chocolate or yellow will work with the competition I’m up against.  The other professional mothers always bring out the big guns for this sale.