The Grand Tour

Several families have toured the house next door for sale this week but I guess none have yet to take it for their own.  I remember when Steve and I first moved in.  It was a dream come true to finally have our own home. We had been saving some money and waited until Steve had climbed the management ladder a bit higher to take on the loan and the commitment.  The government helped with the loan and our mortgage book was slowly completing with each monthly payment.  We plan to have a wonderful mortgage book burning party when the time arrives and the house was paid off.

Yesterday, after I returned home from the butcher, Mags ran across the street to let me in on what I had missed while shopping.  She watched a couple with a little girl about Daisy’s age tour the house next door.  They stayed quite a while apparently and walked around the front and back yards.  The for sale sign was still up but Mags had a good feeling about these folks.  She described the woman as a dark-haired petite woman wearing a chignon and she wore sturdy heeled shoes with rounded toes.  Mags said that she seemed classy and a thin ex-military type man was with her.  The little girl had tumbling long dark curls tied up with a ribbon and she was dressed in a smocked jumper.  I wondered if this was the first sighting of my new neighbor.  I thought about the possibilities while making dinner.  It would be nice to have a playmate for Daisy close by.  Mags is usually a good observer of character and she seemed to like the way this family looked.  It might be interesting to have another couple to socialize with also.  We all know each other so well now that we can practically finish each other’s sentences.

Well, I guess I will know soon enough; for sale signs don’t last long on this block.  I’ll have to let Mrs. Kravitz know about these folks too.  I wonder how long it will take for me not to call that house the Kravitz’s?

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