You Can’t Get There From Here

The only question left was where.  Molly visited her mother, Mrs. Kravitz, and spent the weekend with her.  It didn’t seem like a happy visit, but it opened Molly’s eyes to the changes in her mother’s health and forced them to discuss the future.  These kinds of discussions come way too late to keep them from having anything but an unexpected result.  Molly wanted her mother to move in with them.  This would involve her moving far from Monterey Park.  It had been the late Mr. Kravitz’s dream for them to own a home outside of the city in order for Mrs. Kravitz to have a garden.  Her garden was a beauty.  Her flowers grew brighter and taller than anyone else’s and resembled a cottage garden.  Edie had taught me that a house with fresh flowers was a better home and I had started to cut flowers now and then to place in a vase on our dining room table.  Snowball was a little too curious about them one time and knocked over the vase and tried to eat some, so I decreased the frequency. But I loved the idea.

After they moved to Monterey Park, Mr. Kravitz doted on Mrs. Kravitz and the house.  When he passed away, Mrs. Kravitz never thought about leaving.  She was already well ensconced in suburban living and acting as our neighborhood watch, keeping track of all of us.

Mrs. Kravitz did not want to leave Monterey Park and her friends.  She argued that her husband was buried nearby with Baby Cecil, an infant she had lost early in their marriage.  Mrs. Kravitz wanted to move into Shady
Pines.  Molly and Mrs. Kravitz made a visit to the old folks home and Molly understood a little better.  Mrs. Kravitz already knew two other ladies who lived there and she would have companions around her all of the time.  Molly, her husband and the boys could still visit and Mrs. Kravitz could visit them during the holidays.   It was a good decision for everyone.

We helped Mrs. Kravitz pack.  She could only take a fraction of her life’s treasures, so we boxed up those she couldn’t part with and Molly took those with her to hold onto.  We took pictures of Mrs. Kravitz in her garden and had the pictures printed and hung in her room at Shady Pines.

Molly had the house repainted and yesterday it was put up for sale.  It was a little strange knowing that Mrs. Kravitz wouldn’t be peeking out from her drapes at us, keeping us safe.  I hadn’t thought about having a brand new next door neighbor ever.  I suspect there will always be new people moving in from time to time.  We have a beautiful neighborhood.  And the most recent additions have been excellent.  Still, I felt a little sad seeing Mrs. Kravitz leave.  I plan to stop by and see her from time to time to keep her up to date on our block.  That will actually give me a chance to gossip a little about our lives.

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