Pass Me the Nuts

It was Judy Anne’s turn to hostess the card party.  Judy Anne makes me smile.  She’s a smooth southern girl at heart and rarely “gets” the sarcastic remarks that we zing while we play cards.  Her husband’s name is Stubs.  I’ve always been afraid to ask why.  Stubs has always sounded like the name of an underworld criminal.  It’s ironic that political conversations make Judy Anne nervous because she is very diplomatic.  I think she was raised to believe that it was inappropriate to discuss politics and religion.  She’ll discuss sex only after her second cocktail, and never in mixed company.  Her table decorations always have a theme, and she wears a coordinating apron over her outfit. I have never seen more than a quarter inch of the true color of her hair because she is so vigilant about maintaining her blond waves.

Judy Anne buys new packs of cards at Mitchell’s 5 & 10 every time she hosts because she serves sugary treats on the card table.  The cards do tend to get a little gritty.  Emmy Wade, her blond daughter, gets to make a lot of card houses with the used packs of cards.

I brought a Frangelico Fig Cake since Judy Anne had chosen to have an Italian buffet.  My Fig Cake should pair well with the robust spread.  We all seem to behave more politely at Judy Anne’s and I think her personality helps us to act like ladies.

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