Into Each Life A Little Rain Must Fall

The last three days had been a washout for the pool and outdoor play.  The intense heat of summer had brought in some massive rain clouds that seemed stuck over our neighborhood.  The children were stuck inside playing board games which almost always ended in them both pronouncing themselves “bored” by the games.  I had set up a little craft table for them to color and create useless stuff with treasures from my saved empty oatmeal boxes and toilet roll tubes.  The first couple of hours of creativity went well but the spirit always weakened when ideas diminished.  The popsicle stick creations went unfinished and the two artists usually ended up in the kitchen looking for a snack and advice on what to do next.

I had it in my head to take my mother’s scone recipe and try and make them into tea cakes.  The scones were good on cold mornings straight out of the oven and when cool were just right for a delicious treat with my afternoon cup of coffee.  I asked the kids if they would like to help make them and since they were out of other ideas, agreed.  I had Daisy clean the berries since her gentle touch might result in less damage.  Junior was good at measuring, so he helped me with the cups and tablespoons of ingredients.  Of course, the fun part of any baking project was always the working of the dough, so I pulled off a small piece for each of them to annihilate while learning the art of kneading.  These scones need as little manipulation as possible, so I formed the main piece of dough and cut them into long tea cakes for baking.  They looked a little strange since I had never made this particular shape before, but even the new shape wouldn’t change the awesome flavor of these scones.  They were one of the tried and true recipes of my mother’s and I rarely messed with her directions.

I added a little melted butter and honey mix to the tea cakes near the end of the baking time in place of the usual sprinkling of sugar and they came out shiny and brown.  The children finally finished shaping their own scones and I placed them on a second pan to bake off.  I knew from the extra working that they would be a little tough but the birds would need something to munch on once the rains stopped, so they wouldn’t go to waste.  The beautiful tea cakes deserved a little celebration, so I put together a real tea party on the dining room table to enjoy the baked goods.  I poured, but Junior and Daisy added their own cream and sugar.  It was quite elegant and brought a little civility to brighten our gloomy day.

Luckily, the weather service has forecasted dry weather for the rest of the week.  Hopefully,  we should be back to our wonderful summer world of swimming and bike riding tomorrow.  In the meantime, we will toast the rain that brought us all together.

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