An Apple a Day

It was time to start working on my dessert choice for the annual block party.  My focus on brownies last summer created my go-to recipe that wowed everyone and (thank God) ended up tasting better than Edie’s.  I’m not sure that my baking ego could live through the pain from being out baked by the new kid on the block.  If I knew Edie the way I do this year, I wouldn’t have been as hurt, but last year she was the freshly faced new girl who had just moved into the neighborhood.

And so, my work for the last two weeks was baking apple desserts.  Everyone loves apple desserts and they are completely all American!  I had tried out apple hand pies, apple crumble, apple tart, and apple cookies without finding anything special.  In the middle of the night last Tuesday, I woke up with the idea to pair cookies with a pie and a crumble and thus created a bar cookie topped with cooked apples and a crumbly topping.  The best of many worlds. The first crust was shortbread based and it spread a little more than I liked, so I grated that error up for a pie base for my chocolate icebox pie.  For my next shortbread base, I refrigerated the pan with the base prior to adding some cooked apples and then added a crumbly topping later in the bake.  Those were good, but the crumbly topping still needed something.  For the next version, I added chopped nuts to the crumbly topping, and baked everything together.  Eureka!  It was great.  I will continue to bake my new dessert each week until the big day.  Even if it is hot outside, those bars will satisfy as they are great served cold as well.  I only hope that Steve and the kids don’t get tired of apples between now and the block party.

Tonight, I’ll try serving it hot out of the oven with vanilla ice cream for my taste testers.


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