Knows Alot

Sometimes it’s entertaining to hear the children argue since their logic is so clear. They aren’t afraid to tell each other exactly what they think and when there is injustice, they find it easier to point out. Fairness is so difficult to maintain. With adults, there is often double-speak, polite answers that are little white lies and even out-right falsehoods. We are afraid of the truth. I understand that myself, because I can delude myself easily when I want to.

I know that Mags isn’t afraid to sugarcoat the truth and tell me what I need to hear. She can gauge my level of sensitivity and knows when to back off but I also know that when she is not telling me everything I need to know, I can figure out what I need to do. We have our own coded language. In the past few months, I have been able to clearly help some friends with issues on decisions on having children, kept secrets when necessary, corrected gossip that was way off base and enabled a few friends to find different strategies in dealing with their spouses. I am officially a knows-a-lot. I sure don’t know it all, but I recently figured out that I do know stuff. The question is, what to do with all this talent?

I stopped off at the book store and found a beautiful new display up front. The books were stacked on new tables in different genres. It made me rethink my book selection process. I decided to walk right past the new display and start to look at new sections that I had not yet explored. I found myself pausing in a non-fiction area, noticing a new shelf of books on psychology. They looked a little like textbooks, full of smaller print with technical words. I wasn’t quite ready for those. But they were intriguing and I made a promise to myself to check back on them another day when I felt a little smarter. I gradually made my way back to the front and perused the new stacks. I found a novel that looked intriguing and instead of writing down the name and ordering it from the library, I bought it. I was beginning to think that the book store was dangerous. But I rationalized the purchase by telling myself that reading is good for the mind. And I want to know even more.

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