Lake Love

In the grander side of life, Buck and June offered us the lake house for a week again this year. Steve and the kids always have a great time fishing and swimming. The kids were able to explore a little further this year and the long days playing outside made us all sleep better. I tried to make easier meals for lunch and dinner at the lake house, so planning and making a detailed grocery list was very important. Although when it came to breakfast, I went all out to fortify the family. Junior’s appetite has really increased and even Daisy doesn’t pick at her food anymore. Steve enjoyed a second cup of coffee out on the deck after breakfast while the kids rummaged close to the house, picking up sticks and small pieces of wood to use as kindling for our nightly fire. Of course, I bought a couple bags of marshmallows, boxes of graham crackers and chocolate bars for the s’mores. I like my marshmallows partially burned, so it takes some patience for the perfect one.

Steve always seems so patient with the kids when we are at the lake. He takes time to show them how to bait their hooks and talks to them while waiting for a fish to bite. Some days I went along with them on the boat and packed a picnic basket for our lunch. I partially froze some lemonade the night before and added it to the jug in the morning so it stayed cold until lunch. The sandwiches were delicious. Eating out in the open air is such a treat, I decided that when we returned home, we would eat more summer meals outside at the table on the little patio.

Of course, the nights are always the best time for Steve and I to cuddle up outside under the stars. The skies were beautiful and it was peaceful and romantic. It’s important to keep romance in every marriage and the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives sometimes makes it difficult. With two children, I have so much to do everyday that I forget about Steve until just before he comes home. I am determined to be a better partner and plan some surprises for him this summer to remind him of why he picked me. He is such a good provider and cares about his children even when he’s tired after a long day of work. I found a winner.

I have to find a good way to thank Buck and June for letting us use the lake house again this year. Their generosity lets us live it up on our budget, the house is beautiful and something we might want to have one day and it brings us together as a family. It’s a fabulous way to start our summer!

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