Watch Me Pull a Rabbit Out of my Hat

Brunch at the club; such a treat. The children sit up straight and keep their napkins mostly on their laps while eating. Steve looks extra handsome in his good blue suit and my coral pumps are delicious looking.

When a past debacle at the club resulted in no more chicks on site, this year there were bunnies. In the main room, there were cages with a bunny wrangler. Daisy was in heaven. She had to stop at every cage, pet every bunny, rename them, and then lecture us on what she learned. Daisy has a great memory and big eyes that melt your heart when she looks up at you. We stopped at the little girls room to clean up and met the guys at our reserved table in the dining room. Harold and Mags sat with us and Harold asked Junior serious questions about his math skills in anticipation of getting his next job at the bank. Stevie giggled and told us he was going to do odd jobs for Zettie Louise forever.

It smelled so good I immediately regretted not dieting all week in anticipation of eating more than usual. The buffet was full of everything you could desire and the desserts went on and on. I wasn’t sure that I would have room for them, but planned to just get a bite or two of each main course choice and side and save at least room for a nibble.

While we ate, a magician roamed the room pulling quarters from unsuspecting ears. When he arrived at our table, he bent low and spoke to Daisy. She nodded and smiled. The magician pulled out her chair and took her hand to help her stand. Everyone in the area stopped eating while he performed a couple of funny card tricks with her. After that, he took off his top hat and had Daisy hold it with her eyes closed. The hat was upside down and the brim was right next to her face. The magician counted to three and a pair of eyes peeked out of the hat, followed by some big eyes and a twitching nose. The rabbit laid its nose opposite Daisy’s and his whiskers caused her to open her eyes and stare right into the face of a rather large bunny.

It would have frightened me but Daisy giggled as the bunny continued to stare into her eyes. Good bunny. Everyone clapped and the magician pulled the rabbit out of his hat and gently placed it on the floor for Daisy to pet. What an experience!

Daisy chatted happily all the way home. Junior was annoyed at her for not crying when she opened her eyes to see those rabbit eyes staring back. Daisy has an innate calm that will serve her well in the future. I look forward to seeing her handle her life as well as she handled that trick today.

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