I could see the exact right pumps in my mind – a light coral, something that would brighten up my skin under my hose. Easter was always a chance to invest in my pastel collection. I confess to keeping a section in my closet devoted to the shades of Spring. I tend to keep my hatboxes above them as a reminder of the adventure of dressing up.

I’m not a glamourous woman, but I can lean toward glamoury. I know the right ways to hold and wear my gloves to exude a French air. I can even hold a clutch purse without looking like I was holding a big rock. I don’t get too many chances to show off my more formal side while taking care of the children and Steve. Really glamourous women probably don’t have to get down on all fours and scrub their kitchen floors or remove gum from the hair of a little girl who blew a bubble gum bubble too big.

Mags was my true glam model. I once counted the black dresses in her closet and stopped at double digits. In fact, she even had three white dresses that she decorated with spectacular antique pins when she wore them in the Summer. Three. White. The one white dress I had was a shirtwaist and it was perfect for picnics as long as you didn’t sit on the grass.

I did pride myself on my shoe collection but would never have as many as I liked. I often had to show restraint and choose between two I wanted to buy. A glamourous woman would probably choose between two in her closet at home. I must have a little Cinderella in me.

As for jewelry, I play it safe for daytime wear. My wedding band and diamond give me a warm feeling whenever I look down at them. I keep them particularly clean doing a ton of dishes. I wear earrings off and on but my earlobes are delicate and the clips sometimes hurt. I like a cute bangle when I am running errands or shopping. If I could think of a better way to store them all like they do at the jewelry department, I would buy more.

My necklaces are sometimes a lazy mess and they find a way to wrap themselves around each other. The sparkly bling likes to show off and tends to comfortably shine in my jewelry box, making it hard to choose what to wear. Maybe I should adopt a classic look and wear some “signature” pieces but that might not satisfy my need to just add a random piece or two to my collection “just because.” Just because, I’m glamoury.

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