Spring Ahead

My previous angst over the state of my life had taken a back seat to the baby dreams of Gail and Edie. I self-talked through a lot of thoughts about my own life and came to the conclusion that I should do the same thing that we recommended to Gail and Edie – relax a little. The anguish of the actual worrying was keeping me from enjoying the first signs of Spring. I noticed the tops of some crocus bulbs popping up and realized that life was busy around me and new life was possible in many ways.

I followed my time worn answer to boredom – I cut a new recipe out of a magazine for dinner. I don’t like to try out anything too wild on my family but I had noticed a recipe for a moist stuffing recipe that contained more cream than normal. It was filled with herbs, onion, apples and celery. The picture showed a beautifully puffy bread dish. I chopped and measured exactly to insure that it would look the same way after it was baked and served it with pork chops. It was comforting and Steve and the children liked it. I was pretty pleased with myself. It made me think that frustrating moments in life should be followed by initiating something new, like a baking or cooking technique. That may explain why I have become such a good cook and baker. I rarely indulged in sweets but liked the effect baking something sweet had on others. Smiles could be generated easily at the sight of a beautiful cake and adults regularly become children when offered cookies. They are happy moments and it always pleases me to cook for someone else.

Maybe my Spring should contain a big new baking project. My intense examination of brownies last year resulted in my to-go recipe for those. The question was only what to focus on.

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