If Women Ruled the World

I am completely convinced that if women were allowed to rule the world, all things would run more smoothly. Needless to say, we didn’t play cards at Gail’s. There was bound to be a different experience after Gail and Edie emerged fro the kitchen with their splotchy faces. Edie looked adorable. We all have different faces when we cry.

After everyone realized that something was wrong, they turned their full attention to Gail and Edie. For an hour or two, we heard the plight of two women who both wanted babies. There was less sympathy for Gail since she already had a few children and every mother understands baby fever and what that need feels like. The pros and cons were discussed thoroughly. The cons didn’t seem to dissuade either of them. Labor is serious business and it was important for Edie to understand the changes that occur in your body when pregnant and have to think about enduring labor. Nobody was too graphic; just enough to insure that Edie would give it ample consideration.

I think I saw Edie mature a little that afternoon. She also became more a part of the group. It was lovely to see everyone try to help her make a good decision about becoming a mother. With Artie away so much, Edie would have to be lucky also. The ladies prioritized what was important that day; the cards could always wait. In a way, it seemed as if everyone’s future was in the cards.

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