A Woman of Letters

Reading about Abigail helped me begin to put things into perspective. Physically, her life was a lot harder than mine. We had all come through our war years with some rationing, loss of friends and loneliness. It was the loneliness I wondered about. My abilities to endure life outside on the farm, like Abigail, with children and no gal pals was a no-go for me. I cherished my friends, family and husband. Old John Adams was off doing his thing, getting ahead in the political world. My Steve isn’t exactly “away” but he does his work without talking a lot about it at home. At least, my modern conveniences made up for Abigail’s hardships with health. Never having been a seamstress either, my kids might be wearing their clothes a long time between new ones.

What I loved about Abigail were her letters. She was a beautiful writer and her daily wisdom and counsel was interesting to read. She poked her nose into anything she wanted, made her own comments and went back to her rural life.

I ran into Lucy at the pharmacy yesterday and she asked me about the book. She didn’t look like she was in a hurry so I invited her to sit at the counter and have a cup of coffee with me. Lucy seemed so full of life but wasn’t much younger than me. Definitely unencumbered by a family, she explained that she was in school and was working on her Masters degree in writing. Wow. I couldn’t possibly tell her my secret about my journal with my wild thoughts. She was probably a very serious writer. I asked her if I could read something she wrote. She blushed a little and I grabbed her hand a little too quickly and asked her again. She told me that she would think about it and I gave her my phone number. We talked a little more about her taste in reading which she explained in a quiet voice centered around “women who wrote.” Extraordinary. I never thought about excluding or including anybody in my reading. I just read. I needed to up my game a little. We parted and I told her that I would stop into see her soon at the book store. There is a world out there I don’t know yet.

Maybe now that the children are in school, maybe I can check some of it out.

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