New Year But Same Old Me

Another new year had begun, but I didn’t feel anything resembling new. Mags hosted a great party to celebrate and all the usual friends were there. Edie and Artie were able to join us and we all found out that Artie is quite a dancer! He danced with every woman at the party and probably would have danced by himself if allowed. Edie seemed very understanding of his need to keep in motion but it definitely changed the dynamics of the party. Harold kept having to put on new records instead of playing a radio station for background music. We all enjoyed the floor show.

The children had a nice rest from school and returned for the second half of the school year. I had volunteered to organize the Cake Bake for the Mothers Club fundraiser. I had a list of moms to call to get them to volunteer their baking skills for the greater good. The date was two weeks away so they had plenty of time to consider what to make. This was always a showy event for some and a nerve-wracking one for other moms. Everyone had their own specialty but half were the same thing – chocolate cake. I wanted to insure a nice variety so I tried to persuade some mothers to bake cookies or even a pie. Generally, mothers are easy to get along with but a few were very plain about their need to stick with what they knew best. Oh well, I could always fill in with something other than a cake.

The January doldrums must have hit Steve also. He seemed gloomy when he looked out the window at his beloved lawn. The winter weather had taken its toll and there were a few holes left over from the freezing and thawing of the ground. I encouraged him to work in his workshop but he thought it might be too cold. He didn’t have a lot of hobbies, outside of golf and bowling, and he didn’t seem interested in going to the lanes to practice. He retreated to his den and watched the new television we had placed in there so he could work and watch at the same time.

I had my own new year mood to contend with and I couldn’t place my finger on why I wasn’t excited about the prospect of another peaceful year. My children were healthy and my husband was a great provider and partner; my family was still my family. Maybe that was exactly it – the sameness. I needed something new and different to get excited about. I might just bring it up with my secret advisory group at the next card party.

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