Baby It’s Cold Outside

Daisy’s dresses suddenly looked too short for her and with the coldest weather still ahead, her anklets would never keep her warm enough. So we headed to the department store. It would be a good time to check out winter coats also. I usually keep track of how tall the children grow by marking lines and dates with their names on the door jamb that separates the dining room and kitchen. The markings gradually grow up the wood and show the big gaps that occur with growth spurts. It was easy to see Stevie shoot up as his ankles gradually became more visible and his shirts stopped staying tucked in.

Daisy stood dutifully next to me as I sorted through the racks of dresses. I liked ones that were girly but not so fussy that she wouldn’t be uncomfortable playing in them. A great sailor dress or flower print always gets a second glance from me. They could be accessorized with hats and gloves to make them dressy. We took a good stack into the dressing room and started our fashion show. The added entertainment made the chore more palatable to Daisy. She did make faces if she didn’t like something about the look or feel of a dress but I knew her taste fairly well at this point. Even the prettiest of dresses sometimes had labels that were itchy and I made a note to remove those after getting home. Daisy does have her limits to tolerating the process and when she starts to whine or stand next to the glass mirror making faces, I try to wrap it up. We found a few keepers and returned to the sales room to look at coats.

This was not as much fun since her patience was already waning and they were hot to try on. She tried a few but none made the cut. She saw one on a mannequin that she liked and when we found that one in her size, she said it looked “wintry.” It was a warm blue coat with textured buttons and a hood with fur around the edges and a muff. She resembled a doll in it and I turned her towards the mirror to check out how cute she looked. Daisy’s smile lit up and I silently prayed for lots of cold weather so she could wear it many times. Since I was wishing up cold weather, I was tempted to go and try on a fur or two. I sure would love a nice mink coat to keep me warm.

Daisy and I headed to the Crystal Tea Room for lunch. Our plates had dainty chicken salad sandwiches with the crusts off, grapes, apple slices and buttery crackers. I let Daisy spread butter and jam on her crackers and she was surprisingly dainty. My little girl was growing up in so many ways. I looked at her face and tried to imagine what her teenager face would look like. She had those angelic curls now but how long would those last?

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