Let Us Eat Cake

Usually at this time of year, I am dreaming of pie. With Thanksgiving looming large, pumpkin pie is constantly on my mind. My piecrust gives me major anxiety and is never as flaky as Steve’s mother’s crust. But today I woke up with chocolate cake on my mind. Steve’s birthday is today and I had been planning a special dessert for him. If brownies filled my mind throughout the summer months, chocolate cake was my winter friend. I was determined to make a dark cake that would bring a smile to Steve’s face. He wasn’t big on frosting, so the top would need a light layer of chocolate icing.

After Steve’s birthday dinner, the children gave him cards they made for him while I lit the candles. I turned off the dining room light and brought the cake to the table. The kids sang, laughed at Steve as his paused too long to make his wish and then hugged him after he blew the candles out. It was a sweet moment as they stood by his side. Daisy, now getting taller and more little-girl-like and Junior, as tall as his dad when seated, clapped with joy. Times like these are what I hope I remember in my old age. I tried hard to take a picture for my memory. And then we ate cake. It can’t get any better!

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