Early Snow

The air felt different. A prickly cold had arrived during the night and by sunrise, three inches of snow had already covered everything outside. Stevie Junior was super excited and woke up Daisy with his squealing. Even Steve decided not to go to work after hearing the radio broadcast the expected incoming 6 more inches. I made a hearty weekend type breakfast of oatmeal, pancakes, sausage and orange slices. It was nice to eat together as a family midweek.

Steve promised to dig the sled out for the kids and shovel while they played. I dressed the kids in so many layers that they would bounce if they fell. I watched from the kitchen window as they all played together. Steve would let Daisy sneak up on him to hit him with her little snow balls and Stevie was old enough to take a few snowball hits from Steve without crying.

When they trooped in for lunch, I took their wet belongings and dried them near the heater vent. We had a warm lunch with tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Their cheeks were rosy and they regaled me with tales of their adventures. Later that afternoon, we all went out to the front yard to make a snow man. Steve and Stevie rolled large balls of packed snow until they reached a good size. I carefully snow walked in the back yard to steal a carrot from the fridge and Steve found some sticks for arms and pebbles for eyes. The final flourish was the addition of Steve’s scarf and tweed hat. It was a fashionable snow man.

Groups of families were outside playing together and there were snow people up and down the block. It was a fun day and when the snow stopped falling, the walks were all shoveled so that everyone could return to work the next day. I was thankful for the snow day. It stopped our daily routine for a day and let us play together. I wondered if people who lived in snowier climates had fun like this every day.

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