Dear Diary

With two budding great readers, I have tried to take Stevie and Daisy to the library as often as once a week every summer. I was a little surprised this week when Stevie chose books about spies. One week it’s soldiers, the next week it could be monsters. Daisy happily checks out her books based on the pictures. While the children searched for their books, I found myself reading some titles in the non-fiction section on how to write. There weren’t many choices and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to answer any questions about my secret desire to write down my thoughts. There were a lot of English books that might disguise my interest so I grabbed one and returned to the more popular bestseller section. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was afraid of but I didn’t want to share my secret with anyone yet. I had started writing in a journal a while ago. In between my thoughts about my own life, I chronicled the changes I saw in my two mostly-adorable children. I’ve been keeping my journal under my mattress on my side of the bed. I would never include anything embarrassing about Steve but there were some anecdotes on his parents and my mom.

As we checked out our books and left, the kids skipped out to the car. The funny part was that I felt inside like they did and my heart was skipping with them. I hope someday soon I feel able to share my thoughts. I can’t be the only person who feels like I do about our changing world. I don’t want to grow away from my friends either; it’s hard to know if they feel how our lives are slowly changing again. Well, at least I’ll update my knowledge of English along the way. That can’t be a bad idea.

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