Getting To Know You

Another summer, another block party. It’s always a great chance for all of us to come together and over the last couple of years, we’ve organized an event that brought all of us together with food and fun. Every year, each of us try to outdo what we created last year in the food category. I had been tinkering with a brownie recipe. So far, the recipe had come out right the last few times and Steve had eaten dozens of them at this point for testing purposes. I’m glad it’s summer so he can work off that extra weight in the annual lawn competition. I’m sure that Zettie Lousie probably expended the most effort cutting her grass with that push-mower, but Steve was meticulous about edging and he sweats the small stuff. There was no errant watermelon growing on the lawn this year, but the kids had a small patch on the side yard with tomato plants and carrots. My hope is always that the family will eat more vegetables if we grow them. Everyone loves corn on the cob but we never grow that at home. There must be a system of lucky vegetables.

The kids zone this year would be expanded. Some of the little ones are riding bigger bikes this year and needed a larger course to test their skills. We also added a little roller-skating area. Some of the dads had built a small corral that would let the little ones use the railings to help cruise around while the big kids could show off their spins and backward skating in the center. I made a mental note to find the skate key to place in my pocket so I wouldn’t have to search for it on the big day.

The newest neighbors, the Woodwards, would be experiencing their first block party. Some information had been shared with Edie and we all hoped that Artie could be off of work that day so that we could get a better look at him. Artie had been seen cutting the grass at his new house and even installed new numerals next to his front door.

Edie had planted some flowers in the bed around the front porch and new furniture was put out front also. The porch itself looked like an outside room with the small side tables and pots of flowers decorating it.

It never seemed hard to get to know anybody before who moved onto the block. But the mysterious Woodwards were a challenge. I decided that I would give Edie a call to see if I could answer any questions she had about the big block party.

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