Mag Mania

My mini obsession with magazines may be my biggest vice. I don’t feel so guilty about my monthly subscription to McCall’s because Daisy uses the paper dolls as soon as I have read it. The others are just magazine greed. I try my best to find at least one new recipe from each magazine to make each month and I devour the cleaning tips to keep the best home possible. With two small children, something always needs cleaning.

But I love the possibilities. Every month, every issue, every article is a new chance for inspiration. I love the feel of the paper, the pictures of the perfect rooms, the well coiffed women with impeccable makeup. It’s the fantasy. I neatly arrange the newest editions on the coffee table, just slightly overlapping. Each month, as a new one arrives, I eliminate the old one and replace it with the latest in new social expectations.

Sometimes the children cut out the pictures and paste them on construction paper. Paste takes a while to dry but it’s easy to brush on and not as messy now that the children have mastered it. I love to hang their masterpieces. It breaks my heart to part with my magazines but at least they are well loved before being discarded.

The kids are in their quiet zone today so I am going to spend some time catching up on a few articles. I saw some recipes for chops – Steve’s favorite – and there might be some new recipe for me to try to show him how much I care.

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