Girdles and Panels

Although I believe that good foundation is important, I have a secret that I have to share. I hate my panty girdle. I know, I know, it helps keep all those little bumps and lumps in check and holds up my stockings. I get it. But why does it have to be so uncomfortable. I feel the same way about my brassiere. Some hot afternoons, I take it off when working around the house. My breasts feel so much better underneath a smartly tied-up shirt. How did modern women ever get into this fix where we’ve restrained our working body parts? I’ve been reaching around to my back for a couple of decades hooking and unhooking brassieres as a daily duty. I even remember asking my mother when I would be allowed to switch from undershirts to a brassiere when I was younger. I shouldn’t have been in such a hurry.

After several days of late summer heat, I decided to search for some undergarments that feel better. I left the kids with Gail and drove to Howlands Department Store to check out what was available. There was a very nice elderly lady in the foundation department who offered to “measure” me before I started trying on different pieces. Miss Alice led me to a back changing room and asked me to remove my dress. When she returned, Miss Alice used a measuring tape to take down every possible measurement on my breasts, sides, waist, hips, and torso. She was surprisingly pushy for an older lady and moved my arms into the air, out to the sides, over my head, and had me bend to the sides. I really couldn’t tell what she was measuring me for at that point, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if she brought out full body armor for me to try on. Miss Alice wrote down all of the measurements and studied them for a moment or two before disappearing. What was I supposed to do at this point. I had no further direction, so I stood still while I listened to her moving boxes and opening drawers outside of the room. There were some indiscernible sounds that I chose not to try to decipher. Then there was an audible “Yes” and Miss Alice’s face reappeared through the curtains. Then her hand appeared dangling a lovely pale pink brassiere shaped unlike my normal conical-shaped undies. I took the brassiere and she disappeared again. I started to try on the brassiere after examining it. It didn’t seem as sturdy or heavy as my usual choices. I slipped my arms through and reached back to hook the eye. I turned to look at myself in the mirror while continuing to listen to Miss Alice hunt for something else outside the room. My breasts appeared to fit exactly into the cups and the sides of the brassiere laid flat against the sides of my body. It seemed comfortable. And it was pretty. When did they start making these things pretty. I’m not usually a pink undies kind of girl but I could be persuaded if a little bit of color made things more comfortable. Miss Alice returned with a pale pink panty girdle too. When I tried on the girdle, it fit smoothly over my hips and thighs. The fabric around the top of the legs was softer than my usual brand. I wouldn’t go so far to say that it was something that I would wear to a picnic, but it was a nice change. I smiled when I looked at myself in the mirror and felt embarrassed for a moment when I realized that Miss Alice was watching my reaction. I asked her what the secret was but she just moved her finger across her lips in a zipper fashion. Clearly, this was a woman who could keep a secret. I asked Miss Alice if she would sell me a couple of each of the undergarments and she smiled and started to leave the room to pack them up. Before leaving, she reached over and slapped my backside and told me that I needed to come in to see her more often so that she could keep me in well-fitting undies. I felt oddly chastised, like my grandmother had just reprimanded me.

At the counter, I noticed some very sheer stockings in the glass case. Miss Alice saw me checking them out and pulled out one of the hose so that I could feel the softness of the nylon. They were beautiful. I thought that Steve might enjoy seeing me later in my new outfit in a personal fashion show and asked Miss Alice to include a pair with my purchases. I thanked Miss Alice and started to leave the lingerie department. I might need to take Miss Alice up on her direction to stop back more often.

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