S’more of the Lake

Buck and June’s lake house has a great porch on the back where we spend our evenings watching the kids catch fireflies while we sip cocktails. A rounded stack of bricks was built just off the side for an outdoor campfire. One night, we cooked hotdogs on sticks over the fire and roasted marshmallows for s’mores. I was reluctant to let Daisy too close to the fire, but Junior poked it endlessly sending flames and sparks into the night sky.

June had a couple of old cast iron skillets like all of us and I decided to be creative and make my own s’mores pie one night. I layered the ingredients in the skillet and popped it into the wall oven. A thunderstorm started as soon as we were finished eating dinner and Junior was disappointed over not being able to have a fire outside. Steve made a fire in the living room fireplace and we ate the s’mores pie by the light of the fire. After the kids went off to bed, Steve and I enjoyed some snuggle time in front of the fire. This lake house living has been fun for everyone.

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