Baby Dolls

The morning light was a dull streak of gray on the horizon. I slipped out of bed dressed in my pink baby dolls and slippers and headed to the kitchen. I loved to get up before everyone else and enjoy some time alone. I grabbed my smokes, a lighter, and a towel, swapped out my slippers for sandals and headed for the dock. I sat down on the towel at the end of the dock in the peaceful, hazy light just coming up over the end of the lake and lit my cigarette. A morning mist hung in the air and crept up the shores towards the woods. It was perfectly silent except for the occasional bird call or fish rippling the water. It was going to be a humid day and my pjs were starting to cling to my skin.

I flicked my half-smoked cigarette into the water and looked behind me up to the house. No one was stirring yet and I was itching to take a swim. I dipped my toe into the cool water which rippled away from me. I stood, slipped off my baby dolls and jumped quickly into the water. I had never skinny-dipped before and the water felt soft against my skin. No wonder people enjoy swimming without those bulky suits. I splashed around and swam beneath the water to wet my hair. It felt so luxurious. Time must have sped up because when I checked the horizon, the fog had lifted and the sun had risen up to the treetops. I quickly climbed the ladder, picked up my towel and wrapped it around me. I headed back to the house, opened the back door, and stopped in the wash room to grab some dry clothes. I ran my fingers through my hair and headed back to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. This adventurous day deserved a bountiful breakfast of sausages and pancakes.

After breakfast, the kids headed to change into their bathing suits. Steve promised them that he would take them on a boat ride on the lake. I was going to stay behind and enjoy some quiet time and fix lunch for them when they returned. I packed the metal cooler for the boat with bottles of pop, an opener, some cookies, and bread scraps for any fowl that they might want to feed.

Down at the dock, Steve started the engine, waved, and they headed off on their trip. I walked slowly back to the house and headed to the bathroom for a bubble bath. I turned toward the mirror while the bath filled and saw a question Steve wrote on the mirror with my lipstick. My face flushed while I tried to decide if his question was random or not. On the mirror Steve had printed, “Dip tonight?” Maybe there would be more adventures in the future.

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