How to Use a Map

Mags and Harold are watching our house this week while we have fun at Buck and June’s lake house. Mags will stop in from day to day changing the lights and Harold will check the perimeter every couple of days. Nothing is going to happen in this neighborhood and go unnoticed. In reality, we watch each other so closely that we know what is going on in each other’s homes easily. Ahhh, the suburbs.

Steve packed the car with our luggage, the bags of food that I packed, the kids’ pillows, and all of the items that we couldn’t live without for a few days. The amount of stuff was staggering and did not meet the definition of “roughing it” very well. The children watched the changing landscape out their windows and read for about ten minutes before asking about the length of the drive. Granted, we had already discussed this same subject many times in the previous week without the time changing. Stevie Junior had marked out the route for the trip on a map, noting all of the roads we would travel along the way. Steve had Gus service the car last week so that there would be no surprises and we would arrive safely. It’s really only less than two hours from our house to the lake. We played a few games of “I Spy” between Daisy and Juniors’ spats about how much space the dolls sitting on the back bench were taking up.

Some time later, I was startled to hear Junior whisper in my ear that “we were close” according to his map. Apparently, Junior had been checking his map along the way. I thanked him with a kiss on his cheek and asked him to sit back down on his seat. I was considering the possibility that I had finally produced a male with a sense of direction when Steve passed the road sign for the turn to the road to the lake house. Steve swore in a low voice, turned the car around and headed back. I turned to let Daisy know that we were almost at the lake, winked at Junior and let him know that he was right.

Our woodsy adventure was about to begin!

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