To the Lake House

Steve’s great performance earned us all a bonus this year. Buck Billingsley has been Steve’s mentor and boss for five years. Every year, Buck and June invite us up to their lake house for a long weekend. The mountain air is refreshing and June has taken me under her wing and given me great tips on how to handle the corporate world. I’ve spent most of my time at the lake tending to Daisy since it would be bad to lose a toddler in the woods. Stevie Junior spends his time with Buck and Steve fishing, swimming, and riding in the boat while the guys took turns skiing behind the boat. We watched from chairs on the shore. June and Buck’s children were grown and they are very tolerant of ours. June cooks like a great chef and handles making extra meals expertly.

June has a wonderful habit of insisting on a pre-dinner and post-dinner martini. She claims they have medicinal power because the liquor is made from berries. I’m all in favor of natural healing. Our trips to the lake have been fun over the years and I appreciate June and Buck’s graciousness.

This year, Buck offered Steve the use of the house for a week by ourselves. June had planned a road trip to visit one of their sons out west. I’ve been happily packing in my mind for weeks, creating lists for our trip. Daisy and Stevie are excited about the trip and Junior has made piles of favorite books and games that he wants to bring. I noticed that he also dug out his magnifying glass, a jar for collecting bugs, and his bow and arrow. Sounds like he has some fun of his own in mind.

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