Pink Lemonade

When I was little, I thought that God was in the sunshine. I realized that he was a busy guy who couldn’t watch me everyday, so some days were cloudy. I have always felt protected by sunshine, rated my days by the amount of usable daylight, and looked forward to days that included activities in the sunshine.

Heat is a different issue. I come from a line of perspiring women. Really, we sweat. We don’t smell bad, but we tend to show our body temperature by sprouting a thin bead of sweat at the top of our foreheads before anyone else. The start of summer is glorious, with warm days, the first appearance of sleeveless (my fav) shirts, and sandals. Dressing up with pretty hats and gloves takes a well-needed rest. As the summer continues and the days grow longer, the heat increases. My capris are comfy for housework, light gardening and watching the children play outside. When hot days start, I hole up inside with my special pink lemonade. The kids enjoy some with their meals and love the color.

It’s pretty hot today, so I’ve decided to let the kids turn on the hose and squirt each other for awhile. With any luck, they will accidently spray me too. A little later, I’ll add a little vodka to the lemonade and share some with Steve.

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