Shiny Surprise

I don’t have a mushy heart and don’t always look forward to St. Valentine’s Day.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and friends, but I don’t think sentimental thoughts about them continuously.  I’m not even a high-maintenance wife.  My expectations from Steve don’t include jewelry for anniversaries or  a new fur every few years.  I don’t even drop hints while we stroll past Hall’s Jewelry Store when we leave the Manor Movie House.  I’m not trying to imply that I would turn down a beautiful diamond bracelet if Steve came home with one.  Mags has a couple of beauties that she sometimes wears on dinner dates.  She also has long slender hands and the ability to show off the bracelet without acting like she’s trying to bring attention to it.  Harold probably thinks of the diamonds as investments. Steve sometimes remembers to purchase a charm for my bracelet if there’s a big event.  My mother bought the bracelet for me when I was in high school, and I’ve been adding well-chosen charms since then.  It’s a little heavy to wear everyday, so I wear it on big holidays.  I love looking at the charms and remembering the special reason they were chosen.

When the big day for lovers arrived my expectations were low and I was anticipating a big box of chocolates and perhaps a bouquet of roses.  I pulled my favorite vase down from the tall cabinet and readied it for the surprise.  I made a special dinner for Steve that we could share after the kids went to bed.  I even set a proper table with the silver and the special glasses.  When Steve came home, the kids gave him the cards they made and showed him the valentines they received from their schoolmates.  I noticed that Steve came home empty-handed and deduced that he had forgotten the date.  Steve works hard and has a lot to think about besides us, or me on holidays.  Steve helped get the kids off to bed while I finished dinner.  I noticed that he had left his suit jacket on the back of the chair in the kitchen and picked it up to hang it up.  I felt a long slim box in the inner pocket and gasped.  Should I look? Take a small peek?  This was an ethical dilemma I wasn’t planning on.  I replaced the jacket on the chair and put away the vase.  Of course, the suspense was killing me.  I don’t like surprises that I’m not in on and this was a whopper.  I finished dinner and noticed that my hands were shaking a little and I was breathing rapidly.  What could possibly be in the box?  I already have a lovely strand of pearls and the size of the box was too long for earrings.  That narrows it down to a bracelet or a necklace.  I don’t wear a lot of necklaces but wouldn’t turn down a nice one from Steve.  This kind of behavior was so unlike him.  I began to think that maybe he felt guilty about something he had done.  I racked my brain for some evidence of misbehavior but couldn’t come up with anything.  This was maddening.  I could hear Steve reading to the kids and knew that he would rejoin me shortly for dinner.  I wondered again if I should take a quick look in the box.

After all of my deliberations with myself on what to do with the box I was glad that I hadn’t ruined my own surprise.  I know that the look on my face was heartfelt when I opened the package.  It was a beautiful black velvet box that opened slowly due to the tight hinges.  The inside had a baby blue satin lining that held a shiny silver bracelet with a short row of sparkly diamonds.  It was gorgeous.  And so me.  Steve started to talk about how I could get a bracelet in the future with more diamonds like Mags has, and I gave him a look that told him how completely unnecessary it would be.  This was the perfect bracelet for me.  It was even daintier that I thought would be right for my wrist, but I admit that it looked perfect.  And I was surprised in such a good way.  Steve is such a loving husband.  I had no idea that he could choose something so beautiful.  This Valentine’s Day changed my views somewhat on the lover’s holiday.  It’s nice to surprise the ones you love from time to time and remember the special reasons you chose to have them in your life.

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