The Soda Fountain Jerk

After their yearly physicals, I took Daisy and Stevie Junior to Miesel’s Pharmacy for a treat.  It’s always satisfying to me to record those new stats in their baby books and have Doctor Brown check their health.  Miesel’s has a great soda jerk named Tommy who really enjoys his work.  He wears a cute paper hat and striped apron and makes elaborate movements when concocting his sodas. Tommy gets a mad scientist look on his face moving from ingredient to tap, creating foamy liquids and topping each work of art with hand gestures that elicit applause. I love the tall sundaes with hot fudge on top.  Daisy always asks for extra maraschino cherries on her Brownie bottomed sundae. Junior orders the “Buckaroo” with vanilla and chocolate ice cream topped with strawberry stripes and whipped cream.  The mirror on the back wall reflected the gleaming surfaces of the stainless containers and jeweled colored glass jars on the back of the bar.

Junior twirled around on his stool as he waited for his treat.  He had started wearing his genuine fake leather gun holster everywhere we traveled.  He lived for playing cowboys with the other boys in the neighborhood and wore his cowboy shirt so often that the cuffs were starting to fray a little.  Just last week, Jack Frost and Junior spent an entire afternoon setting up miniature cowboys around a box that they had cut and painted into a fort.  They shot at the men and made deathly noises.  Boys have strange habits but I don’t worry too much about Junior.  I saw him later that same day cuddling with Snowball, our cat, reading a book.

Daisy’s main interests involve her dollhouse and her baby dolls.  She loves to jump rope and can repeat the rhymes and jump in good time.  It’s so much fun to dress her.  I’ve been thinking about getting us matching mother-daughter dresses for next Spring.   Daisy can spend endless hours coloring and reading quietly and is at the top of her class.

We finished our ice cream and strolled back to the car with satisfied smiles.  My two little ones are growing like weeds these days.  I sometimes wish that they would slow down a little so I can enjoy the process more.



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