Skating Along

Even with my laces tightly tied, my ankles felt wobbly.  Daisy, Stevie, and I were skating at Kate’s Rink with some other families from Monterey Park.  Daisy is gracefully timid, and Stevie likes to spend his time deliberately running into the side railings and his friends at full speed.  I ventured on and off the rails to gain confidence, gliding forward, testing the front stoppers,  and pushing off again.  The organ music enticed me to skate faster along with the melody.  We all joined each other mid-rink for the hokey-pokey and as soon as I felt confident dancing on wheels, I slid a little, but caught myself before falling.  Daisy and I spun each other in circles until we felt a little dizzy.  Stevie took my other hand and we three spun around the oval a few times together.  It was a good giddy feeling.  I sat down with the other moms who weren’t skating and enjoyed watching the children swirling around the rink.  Wobbly ankles aside, it’s a good feeling to spend time together on wheels.

We returned home to an easy dinner that night.  I knew the children would be tired, so my Ham Mac-n-Cheese was a delicious ending to our day.

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