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It was my turn for the card party last week and I was out of fresh ideas. I think I was using too many brain cells on schoolwork. I called Mags and she made a few suggestions but none captured my imagination. I decided to do my week’s reading first and then decide. Luckily, I got an idea from that. I decided that each of my girlfriends had something to teach me. I called around and gave the instructions to each card player. There was some silence on the line after I offered my request, but no one gave me an outright no. Even Edie was coming, with Robyn, and told me that she would participate if someone would hold the baby. In reality, with that many baby-starved women in my house, Edie would never get to hold the infant.

I decorated the table with little chalkboards and some old school books and propped some pencils up in a vase. Not glamorous, but in the right spirit. Everyone arrived dressed as their favorite school teacher. It was quite hysterical to see everyone come to the front of the class of my living room and teach their lesson. Sarah taught us how to arrange flowers. Judy Anne demonstrated how to tie scarves in different ways. Chloe gave us a lesson in reading the front of wine bottles. Gail took us to the kitchen to make the perfect pie crust. Mags showed us how she applies her eyeliner to mimic a perfect cat’s eye. Edie read from one of her books and explained how she decided to create her characters. It was all very exciting. Everyone got to show off their skills and it was so much fun. We eventually got to playing cards, but only finished one game.

My choice of food was school-themed and we demolished the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, fruit bars and chips. Of course, we didn’t just have milk to drink. A card party still needed some adult libations. I served Mudslides and one was enough for each of us. It was like an adult recess drink. For myself, I had a hard time thinking up what I could possibly teach my girlfriends. I settled on what I do best, I lectured. Well, really I just talked by telling a story. The fun part was that each of my friends were in the story. I made sure that everyone was their best self, promoted their traits that made them shine and how they positively influenced life. I guess it must have been okay because there was applause at the end.

As the party broke up, we hugged as usual and went back to our regular tasks. I really relish the chance to spend time with these women in my neighborhood. They are hard-working and take care of everyone in their care without much recognition. I suppose we all have a lot to learn from each other in life. I will have to keep that in mind when I meet new people in class. It’s not easy to figure out what I should learn from someone else, so I may need to start paying better attention.

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