Hurry Up

Some days feel the same as others. Lack of drama is a fact of my ideal life. My nerves have enough to deal with and don’t need any extra distractions. Running my family on a tight schedule keeps everyone in the right place at the right time. I still have the feeling that it could all fall apart with some incentive. Like not setting the alarm clock. I woke in one of those odd realizations that I had slept past the time I was supposed to. I grabbed the clock and screamed at Steve to get up. He depends on me to wake him up and I clearly had not done my duty. He jumped out of bed, most likely because I screamed and not because we had overslept. I quickly told him what happened and he ambled into the bathroom to get ready. I wondered why he didn’t seem mad. Our world order had clearly been upset. I ran into the hallway and called out to the children to get up and hoped my screaming voice prompted the correct response in them.

I hit the kitchen like a demon and started making coffee, quickly half-measuring, half-pouring grounds into the percolator basket. I filled the pot with water and spilled enough that little rivers were flowing down the side of the pot. I cranked up the gas and banged the pot down. When I had time later to think about it, I asked myself why banging everything goes along with rushing. But that was later. I could hear everyone moving around kind of quickly and by the time I had made breakfast, everyone was in their places eating like we were firefighters who had just heard the whistle go off. I shooed the kids out the door, stuffed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in Steve’s briefcase and pushed him out the door too. All the racing was probably good exercise for us and as fate allows, we had made up enough time that everyone still left for their day exactly three minutes later than normal.

As I examined the morning’s hystrionics , I wondered what the point was of getting so upset. I know lots of people who are late all of the time and don’t seem to mind. I think the difference is that they live their lives by their own code and don’t pay attention to anyone else’s. They are not necessarily rude, it’s just their way. My way is more one of making sure everything gets done and everyone gets taken care of. So, every night I take an extra second or two to double check the alarm clock. Even when I am sure I set it, I check it again. That makes me feel more secure. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will continue to do what I need to do to meet my own expectations while trying to honor the fact that not everyone shares mine.

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