With Three You Get Eggroll

The air had a definite spring feel. The morning was clear with just the slightest bit of crisp. If you added in the luxurious streaks of sunlight, you would want everyday to start this way. The change in each season prompts a change in my cooking habits. I probably cook the least in summer. Fall brought in the soups and stews and winter required comforting meals. Spring meant new to me. I always started the season by rifling through my recipe box for some favorites and checked out the ladies magazines for some new treats. The only thing kink in my system was that the magazines usually arrive well before the actual season starts and I get too excited about changing my style. I suppose I have season impatience.

Despite knowing that about myself, as soon as I saw the blueberries arrive at Martel’s grocery, I bought too many. They were easily made into pancakes and muffins, but I wanted something that could be enjoyed later in the day also. That’s when my Lemon-Blueberry Bread comes in handy. I made three loaves so that I could give the extras to Mags and Chloe. The bread came out perfectly and everyone could enjoy a slice as a snack before dinner. I had planned to get very experimental with the leftover bread the next day and wanted to butter slices and grill them in a skillet. I reasoned that it would be delicious with my mid-morning cup of coffee. My own treat.

The challenge of living in a neighborhood of good cooks who share similar thoughts is funny sometimes. The day I made the extra loves for Chloe and Mags was so pretty outside I couldn’t wait to share my freshly baked treats. I grabbed a sweater and the lightly wrapped breads and headed first to Mags’ house across the street. She was happy to see me and invited me in for a quick talk. As we entered her kitchen, I saw three loaves of banana bread cooling on a rack. I handed her my offering and she chuckled and pointed to the ones she had made, noting that one of them was for me. We were happy to exchange one gift for another and I headed back across the street to Chloe’s. I went around to Chloe’s back door since that is where I generally enter, and the back door was cracked open a little. Some great smells were coming out of that kitchen. I gently knocked and called out to Chloe. By this time, I had my one loaf from Mags in one hand and the one to give to Chloe in the other. As I entered the kitchen, my story about the exchange of breads came spilling out of me. Chloe laughed and pointed over to the bread loaves she had baked with one marked with my name on it. We both laughed at the coincidence.

When I got home I realized how lucky I was. I left with only Lemon-Blueberry Bread in the house and came home with Banana Bread and a loaf of Chloe’s finest Farmer’s White bread. My family would probably be overjoyed to think that I had baked all of that for them. My only question was which treat to offer first?

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