Spring Forward

It’s March and I could not keep my hat on my head. The winds have been so strong this month that every time I walked across campus I ended up with one hand on my hat and one on my bag carrying my books. I felt as if I was being pushed from behind by some mean spirit that wanted me to hurry along. I was ready for my midterms and had worked steadily on my writing projects. I expected to do well in the open book test and still wondered why life couldn’t have an open book for me to consult. I know I would get a better grade in motherhood if I could research some answers with an expert.

The result of all the blowing wind were pockets of discarded debris at the corners of walkways as the forces cleaned up the open spaces. Little piles of leaves waited patiently for the spring clean up crew to neatly scoop them up and toss it all away. My spring cleaning schedule was packed with tasks and I had made a little chart to complete it all over the course of the month. Each bedroom would require a thorough cleaning and the kitchen and bathrooms each got their own days. Getting behind the living room furniture was scheduled for a Saturday so Steve could move the big stuff. Steve was also beginning to get that itch to start cleaning up outdoors and lingered at the picture window plotting his attack on the lawn. As soon as the weather improved enough, he would be out there discussing what products to spread on his green carpet. The changing weather also kindled his need to clean off his clubs and start swinging them around to see if he could overextend his shoulder before even hitting the course.

As I was carrying out a box of old clothes for donation, Steve took the box and put down his driver. It was shiny; that man can clean. I joked that I wished we could just open all the windows and doors to let the wind blow the whole house clean. Steve let me know that he and Harold were going to go hit some balls at the practice tees. I told him that his idea sounded like fun and a great way to warm up. My quick agreement may have thrown him off a little and he asked me if I minded that they were going to practice. I gave Steve a kiss on the cheek and told him to enjoy himself. As I turned and went back to the door I reminded Steve of his Christmas present. It registered on his face just as I was turning back around. He remembered we were going to start playing golf together. There was a mixture of emotions on his face. I tried not to judge him too harshly and went into the house.

I went back to my next cleaning project. Later, I sat down at the kitchenette and picked up one of my clubs that I had brought inside earlier from my bag. Yes, spring cleaning is getting done this year. I’ve got to make some time for my golf game.

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