The Blues and the Grays

What makes cold sunless days so dismal? As I have stated previously, I really like clouds. Even when the sky is one big gray cloud, I take note. Clouds are weather wonders and I hold onto my childhood belief that God lives in sunlight. So it must be the absence of sunlight that makes me feel blue and dress in grays. This personal statement is my own method of dealing with the world. Not like a silent protest; more like an understanding.

I was grateful not to have to leave the house and wanted to finish the ironing. It’s a good task to complete when it’s cold because the steam keeps me toasty. I had the board set up and started to starch Steve’s shirt collars, when the door bell rang. I found Edie on my doorstep. She was bundled up in her fur coat with leather gloves but no hat. Her nose was a bright red and she pulled her coat closely to her slowly growing tummy. I brought Edie inside and offered to make her some hot cocoa. She joined me in the kitchen. As she took off her coat, she apologized for interrupting my ironing. Edie was dressed in a bright yellow maternity top. It had pinafore tucks and she looked like a sunbeam. I complimented her top and broke open the cookie tin so Edie could help herself. Edie’s face warmed up and she started to let me know how she was feeling. Artie was away on a four day trip. I imagine Edie got lonely sometimes but I was a little jealous of her freedom to use her time anyway she liked while Artie was away.

Edie was feeling better than the last time we spoke and I had been calling her every couple of days to check in on her. Edie was funny and thoughtful and was still working on her romance novels. She had decided to write in a couple of main characters who were also expecting and found out that her publisher insisted on these characters being married before the pregnancies occurred. She was trying to be to truthful for the reading public. Well, he reminded her that the books were fantasies. It’s true, I rarely met a handsome pirate or prince at the local market.

While Edie spoke, I noticed how often she smiled. Maybe her outlook was reflected in her clothing choices like mine. Except, her mood was sunny. Usually, maternity tops look a little dowdy, but not on Edie. It must be something inside of her that made her shinier than ┬áme. I was really hoping that Edie had a baby girl. A boy might be a handful without a father around all of the time. And those blue clothes that later become dark pants to hide the grass stains and striped shirts and big-buckled boots are not like Edie’s dainty persona. Edie deserved a baby girl that she could dress in her signature bright colors. We spent a good hour talking and laughing before Edie headed home. Daughters are true reflections of their mothers no matter how much they adore their dads.

As I opened the front door to walk her out, rays of sunshine peeked out from the clouds. I felt a little better about the weather and smiled to myself. I returned to my ironing and sang along to the radio as a pressed the shirts. Maybe there were some hidden rays in me too. I am going to consciously try to start choosing some brighter colors to wear. Even if the sun doesn’t shine, I can help to brighten the day.

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