Two for Fore

Christmas had exploded onto most of the houses in my neighborhood. There were lights dangling from rooftops, mounted on trees, wrapping bushes and circling light poles. It seemed brighter outside than daylight. The blinking lights were multi-colored and gave a coloring book glow to the yards. Steve strung up lights across the front of our house and down the sides. I wanted boughs of evergreen around the door and he added lights to those too. The porch edging had lights and the bushes glowed under the windows. It was two bulbs short of garish. People walked up and down the block to enjoy each other’s displays and dogs were walked longer than any other month of the year as their owners stopped to talk to each other along the way.

The tree inside of the house was well decorated and I had moved the ornaments around enough to even them out after the kids got tired of hanging them around the part of the tree they could reach. The tinsel wasn’t too clumped despite the boredom of the task of putting each strand into place and increasing the amount of strands as the task wore on. I was able to go over to Mags’ house and rewrap the kids’ presents that I had stashed there after Junior found my closet hiding place. He still talked about believing in Santa even if he had his doubts. Daisy was upset that I had delivered the gifts to the orphanage without her because she wanted to see the orphans who got all the gifts I had wrapped. I felt so badly about lying to her that I did bring a donation to the orphanage to make up for my guilty lie.

I noticed that Steve had placed a couple of nicely wrapped small gifts under the tree for me but I was still wrestling with getting him something better than new clothes or pajamas. He smells good all the time and does not care for fancy cologne. I finally went out to the club and visited the shop for ideas. D.J. Thrush was the club pro and was there checking out some new clubs. I thought he would be a good person to ask for ideas. He mentioned that he had played a round with Steve back in October and noticed that he was hooking some shots. I asked him about lessons and arranged for some private instruction at Steve’s convenience. As an added gift, I signed us both up for couples lessons also. Steve often asked me to join him when he played at the club. In the past, I didn’t have a babysitter, but Junior is getting to the age where he can watch his sister for a couple of hours. Golf is a good sport for the two of us to enjoy well into retirement. My only worry is that I will probably be better than Steve.

On Christmas Day, the children opened their gifts with great happiness and held each one up to show us what Santa brought to them. Junior moved through his gifts quickly and Daisy took a few minutes to individually examine her new tea set, dolls and games, finishing well after Junior. Junior asked to be excused to listen to his 45s in his room and Daisy wanted to introduce her new dolls to her existing brood. Since the children were well occupied, Steve and I opened our gifts. Steve bought me a lovely bracelet and earring set; it was very glam. Another box had a long pair of leather gloves with fur trim. He opened his requisite clothing and made a fuss over the plaid pajamas. The last present he would open would be the envelope with the lessons. He fished around under the tree and pulled out another envelope and handed it to me. He opened his note with the lessons and was very grateful. When he saw the second certificate for the couples lessons, he chuckled and told me to open my envelope. I tore it open and saw a picture of a beautiful baby blue golf bag with new clubs sticking out of it. I guess we both had the same idea in a way. I read in the ladies magazine that every couple should have a game or sport they share. I guess ours might be golf.

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