A Large Pot of Grateful

Classes for this semester were finally over.  I was a little stressed at the end due to Lucy’s last assignment. The theme was gratefulness, which should be an easy one for me but I couldn’t make my words match my feelings. I have a lot to be grateful for. With such an abundance, how could I focus on just my top three or make a list and make it sound genuine. A litany of people or things sounded shallow and predictable. Choosing something obscure was too rebellious. How could I make the expected answers brilliant?

On top of that, Edie started dropping in unexpectantly a couple of hours each morning to review every pain and ache she felt. She didn’t want to call her doctor and bother him, or be embarrassed. I understood that. She definitely was showing and her feet were swelling. It wasn’t attractive. I put some epsom salts in pots of hot water and had her sit at the kitchenette and soak them. It relieved some of her puffiness but she said she was prone to cry at the smallest issues and when Artie was away, she was lonely and repeated the things he had said that made her feel unattractive. She knew he was with good looking stewardessess all day. I guess the changes in her body with her pregnancy were causing these troubles in her moods. I really thought that if she could see how hysterical she looked with her feet in my pots, she might laugh, but I tried not to focus on that in case she dissolved into tears again. To insure she felt better, we discussed baby names and writing. I didn’t know if Edie was going to continue her stealth career as a romance writer after the baby. Infants take up a lot of time and caring for the baby with a husband who was away sometimes would be a challenge. At least she wouldn’t need to bathe and dress every day if she didn’t want to.

Listening to Edie helped me figure out what to write about. Gratitude is everything. No list could contain it. No changes would stop it. It was in everything and every choice.

My theme on the choice of Gratitude was handed in and graded well. I could find most of the answers easily and the ones I needed to hunt for taught me something new, but they were all there.

This morning I went to school to register for my next classes. The advisor tried to steer me toward my next likely choices to get me checked off her list. I had some required classes to start taking more seriously and chose one of those first. I asked for a list of instructors and chose another class with Mr. Snow. What the heck, I was grateful for him too.

I stopped off at Edie’s house afterward to check on her and found her with her feet propped up on her chaise while she read. It was good to see her making such a good decision. I leaned over to check on the book title. To my surprise, it was a textbook. Edie was reading a book about mathematics. I must have looked a little surprised but when I chuckled it was really from admiration. Edie explained that trying to solve math problems calmed her. I told her that I had just registered for a math class and might need her to tutor me. I had underestimated Edie lately because I had only experienced one side of her. I looked forward to needing Edie. It would give us a chance to spend more time together this winter. I might even learn some math.

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