Count Down To Christmas

December is usually a well-behaved month. With Santa overseeing all behavior, I rarely have to raise my voice or encourage the angels on my children’s shoulders to provide the right direction. On top of that, a quick word of reprimand to Junior usually results in Daisy being a model child as a bonus. I don’t want her to fear me but it keeps me from yelling at her when I am on edge.

School in December is fraught with bake sales and cookie swaps and extra required baking events. I have always tried to keep two sacred cookie baking days aside also. The first on a Friday where I bake like there is no tomorrow and the second on the following day when I include the kids. It’s a slower process and the decorating of our sugar cookies takes time. I love these days. The warmth and smell of the kitchen, the wearing of my Christmas apron for two straight days, the counting of each type of cookie as I box and freeze for entertaining and gift giving makes me feel certain Santa really is coming.

Junior had been giving off vibes about the true existence of Santa, but like most mothers I was able to convince him to believe in order to still get presents. That is, until he found some presents behind my shoes at the bottom of my closet. While searching for a pair of sturdy shoes to wear to school one morning, I noticed that the shoe boxes were out of order. I’m no great sleuth, but I could remember how I hid the gifts. I didn’t say anything to Junior but there were a couple of presents that would obviously be his if he thought about it. I had to come up with a plan.

One afternoon while the children were at school, I took the presents out of the closet and wrapped them, adding tags that had a lone B or G on the tags. I packed the presents into bags and lined them by the door. When the children came home from school and saw the bags, Daisy asked about the gifts. I told the children that I had decided to buy presents for orphan boys and girls and had wrapped them. I told the children that I marked them for by placing letters on the tags. Daisy asked if the orphans would be coming over for Christmas and while I answered her, Junior quickly left the room. Later, I checked to see if the shoes I had left in a certain order had been moved and there were a few left out of place. Junior was very quiet at dinner and I told Steve about my discovery.

The next day, I took the bags over to Mags and she hid them for me until I could rewrap them and tag them for Christmas. Junior’s reserved demeanor continued until the weekend when we visited the department store for pictures with Santa. Usually these pictures are either hit or miss with one or both children with their eyes closed or a sullen look and they never smiled in unison. This year, the pictures were beautiful. Junior had a great big smile for Santa, a list prepared and even asked Santa to bring something for his favorite little sister. Daisy’s face at that moment was priceless. I look forward to a few more days with the great believer in our home. Peace on earth is wonderful.


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