I Can Read You Like a Book

With only a month left in the semester, I was grateful for a week off to complete the end of term papers and reading required. I was doing well with Lucy’s class, although the amount of work in this class was definitely more than last year. I felt a need to improve my writing based on her comments and tried to incorporate those changes in some manner into stories to show progress.

With my newfound attempts to not be intimidated by Mr. Snow, I was trying to remember that when I read the required work, I was ready for class. His writing demands weren’t tremendous but there was still an open book exam. I loved that idea. Since I did the reading all I had to do was find it again. The few papers he had assigned previously weren’t returned quickly but there weren’t many remarks on mine and they received fair grades. I don’t think Mr. Snow liked reading as much as he liked assigning reading assignments.

To prepare for the open book exam, I started back at the beginning of the text and started reading through each chapter, noting the items I had highlighted the first time they were read. Reading the text highlights again helped reinforce the important parts.

I really wish life had an open book. Many times I have learned how to handle a situation by going through it. Being an expert after the fact doesn’t seem to be the best way to make good decisions. I’m not against the school of hard knocks and have learned many lessons that way. But I would love to be able to consult an expert book on life in tough situations.

Junior was the baby I needed a good textbook to understand. Daisy  benefitted from being the second child. I was a proper mess with Junior when he was a baby and I read Dr. Spock’s book to figure out how to care for him. My book must have been missing a few chapters since there were many tearful times I thumbed through it trying to get a straight answer. The good news was that I was a better mother with more knowledge when Daisy was born. And I think I was more relaxed the second time around. I had already mastered the art of holding a crying baby and running the vacuum at the same time. Early on, I discovered that when I couldn’t get Junior to stop crying, I cried. If I vacuumed at the same time, the noise startled Junior and he stopped crying. Our carpet was very clean that year.

An open book in my life would include the answers to so many situations. I am sometimes perplexed by my husband and it would be great to have some man facts. Dealing with parents and in-laws seems to test everyone in life. As each relationship ages, the needs change. If I had a guide on my mother-in-law, Mother Jones, I would make less missteps.

As for my relationships with my friends, I feel pretty good without an encyclopedia. Seeing us all tackle life together is a team event. I learn from them and their experiences are closer to mine, giving me choices in perspective. I guess open books are great for some subjects but life wouldn’t be much fun without some random choices. I think Mr. Snow’s open book test will be a good challenge for me.

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