Dancing Daisy

I had no idea that Daisy would stay interested in dance classes past the first month. I signed her up for the lessons when school started thinking that she would tire of the regimen quickly. Daisy, like many little girls, loves to dance around the house pretending to be on tippy-toe. Marie-Claire wanted to dance too and Chloe called around to a few schools to get the particulars so we could send them together. I really wasn’t sure I could shoehorn one more adventure into my weekly calendar. Chloe assured me that if Daisy signed up with Marie-Claire, she could take the girls to class and sit and wait for them if I needed to read or study. I love my supportive friends. I don’t talk about school too much, but everybody knows what I am trying to do; my unspoken plan to gradually get my family to adapt to my returning to school. I think a couple of my pals may be taking their own notes on how to train their own families.

Dance classes were an investment. The outfits, the slippers, the pink bows, the dance bag, etc. The list went on and on. Daisy’s curls were untraditional for a dancer and she wanted to grow them out to make a bun. That change alone was a going to add to our morning prep time.

I took a couple of turns driving last month so Chloe could have some alone time and I could check out the classes. The little girls were adorable. Daisy was pretty good at performing the steps and holding her head up. Maybe this type of training might help her grow up stronger. And she looked like an angel. This week, Daisy packed her own bag to take to class and placed her little slippers in the bag with reverence. Generally, Daisy is a little rougher on her baby dolls and they tend to get negligent care between playtimes. Daisy was sitting up straighter at the table too.

Yesterday, Chloe and I were discussing the girls over coffee. I think French women are pretty cool overall. Chloe does not usually display much emotion but she was making chirping sounds when discussing Marie-Claire’s dancing around the house and practicing. She was so proud. I admit to not understanding much about these feelings towards dance. There were no slippers in my girlhood and I don’t consider myself a good dancer even now. We only have the chance to dance a couple of times a year and one of those is tipsy New Year’s Eve at Mags’ annual party. I used to enjoy dancing with the soldiers at the canteen. Where did that love of dance go? Maybe I need to remember to play music while I clean. Daisy dances around without background music but I need a soundtrack. And come to think of it, I don’t skip anymore either. Or jump rope. I think Chloe and I would look great jumping rope out on the front sidewalk. I wonder when it became uncool to have girl fun.

Incorporating acceptable fun into my daily life would be a good goal. I wonder how Steve would feel about taking couples dance lessons? I might have to figure out how and when to slip that question into a conversation.

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