Hawks Can Drive

Steve really wants a new car. I could tell as soon as he started to complain about his current vehicle that it was coming – car fever. It’s certainly alright with me if Steve gets a new car. He works hard, earns a good salary and takes care of lots of things around the house. Really, it’s no secret that men show their personalties through their wheels. Normally, Steve does not include me in this type of decision, he just wanders down to Stu Hansen’s dealership and picks out a new model. He sweetly surprised me with a new car a few years ago and I love my Nash. This time wasn’t much different except this car was not your average familymobile. I guess my much-loved car was going to keep all of us on the road when we travel together.

Last night, a Studebaker SilverHawk pulled up to the house. I saw it parking out front and took a moment to see where the driver was headed. It was a flashy two-seater, the kind that Artie would drive. Then, Steve climbed out of it. It wasn’t two minutes before every man in the neighborhood was out front. Some of them got rides, some just stood and talked. There looked like some friendly banter going back and forth and I was still peeking out from the front room drapes watching the whole scene. When Artie got to Steve, he happily slapped him on the back. I couldn’t help but think that Artie would be picking out some new wheels himself soon, and there would have to be more than room for two!

It was a pretty car. Shiny, black and white, and sleekly shaped. If I didn’t have two children who wouldn’t fit in the glove box and trunk, I would be happy to put on a scarf and drive around town in it. So, now what do I do? I looked at my husband’s face. He really is a good husband, a good father and a guy. This looks like a guy’s car. I think I can find a babysitter from time to time so we can go out together in the fancy car. Maybe I can even drive it some time.

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