In My Own Defense

Mags has a new love. I never thought it would happen. Let me explain. Mags and Harold purchased a beautiful new TV set. The tube must be huge and the cabinet is a gorgeous walnut color. Mags had to purchase a new coffee table to match the set, which prompted her new purchases for the top of the coffee table – a large stand-up lighter, an ashtray that resembled artwork and two large artsy-looking books that no one would ever read. I watched her rearrange them for an hour earlier one day this week. It wasn’t as boring as it sounds; Mags makes a great martini with extra olives.

The TV set is not the new love. It’s what shows up on that new set. There’s a courtroom show with a guy named Mason that has her mesmerized. The morning after the show this week, she was at my door as soon as the children left for school. Over two cups of coffee and several cigarettes, Mags described her interest in this TV show. I had no idea what she was saying about the characters but she said it looked just like the inside of a real courtroom. I reminded her that she had not spent much time in real courtrooms. She even believed that some of the actors might really be lawyers and judges because they were so convincing. Mags has never been caught up in any TV show. I had planned on doing some extra reading this morning but seeing Mags so excited was much more fun. When it got close to lunchtime, Mags jumped up and realized that she had to go shopping for dinner.

As I completed my chores and baked an apple cake, I thought about Mags’ new mini-obsession. I have had my own little love affairs with certain records and played them repeatedly when no one was home. Like Mags, I even rearranged my own pretty things from time to time, but usually when I am dusting and can’t remember where I had everything. I told Steve about the new show Mags liked and he said that he heard some people talking about it around the water cooler. Well, I like to be trendy and knowledgeable about new stuff so next week, I’ll be watching along with everyone else. Steve even said he would join me. Who knows where this will lead? Maybe I’ll have a new mini-obsession.

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