Fancy Man

I feel as if I was preparing for this for a long time. Years of child rearing have produced two pretty good kids who get along most of the time. Steve thinks they have good values and Junior has a good work ethic. Many young men start out with paper routes but Junior has been accepting some pay from Zettie Louise for a while and he hides it away in a cigar box in his bottom drawer. From time to time, Junior even earns some money from extra chores around the house.

What I wasn’t ready for was Junior’s decision to want to buy a couple of bow ties to wear with his dress shirts to school this year. In the past, shopping for school clothes involved a lot of negotiations just to try on some pants and shirts. Shoe shopping required a completely different day after a full nights’ sleep. As I was skimming the shirt display, Junior placed his hand on a solid color shirt and requested that the rest of his shirts all be solid-colored. I looked directly into his eyes to see if he was pulling my leg. Something was up. Junior opened his other hand to reveal three bow ties with stripes and designs. They were clip-on bow ties; a great time saving trick. I stared at them. My mind was having trouble adjusting to my son’s request to wear bow ties with dress shirts to school. It seemed a little over the top, especially with recess involved. I didn’t want to stifle any interest in dressing well though, so we pulled out solid color shirts that would compliment the ties.

The cashier asked Junior if the bow ties were his with such delight that he blurted out “Yes” and went on to tell her that he was even going to pay for them. She praised his taste and his interest in dressing well profusely. When we returned home from shopping, Junior took his bags into his room and I helped Daisy hang up her dresses in her closet. We got involved pulling out some dresses that no longer fit and sorting the rest of the purchases. Daisy’s lace-edged socks required a lot of sorting since some had frayed over the summer. I didn’t know how long Junior had been standing in the doorway before I noticed him. But there he was in a beautiful light blue shirt with a slightly skewed bow tie under his chin. He was adorable and mature at the same time. I fussed over him and straightened the tie. He told me that he didn’t want to wear them everyday but some special days each week. I agreed that showing that kind of style would be best for certain days. I promised Junior to wash and iron his shirts with Steve’s each week. So now there were two men in our house. I couldn’t wait for the young one to introduce himself to the older one. I think they might get along well. As Junior was leaving the room, he yelled out one final question. He wanted to know what age he would start shaving. I poked my head into the hallway and told Junior to ask his father. There’s only so much maturity I can deal with in one day.

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