Kids for a Day

Sunday was chosen as the day to switch roles. I looked forward to it with great anticipation and pulled out the croquet set to get it ready for Steve and me to play. Steve was going to finish the lawn on Saturday so he could have fun with me without breaking the rules. We decided that there would be no tasks given to the kids that were dangerous or inappropriate for their ages.

After church, I changed into my play clothes and sat down at the kitchenette waiting for my lunch. Junior dutifully made bologna and cheese sandwiches for Steve and me. Half-filled glasses of milk and two cookies were placed next to each plate. After I was done, I left my plate on the table and went outside. I was called back inside to bring my plate to the sink to get cleaned. These new parents mean business. I may have left some crumbs on the table in retaliation. Steve and I had a good time outdoors playing and stopped each other when some adult task called out to us. We strolled around the house looking at the garden and flower beds and discussed possible changes. When it got a little warm, we showed up at the back door begging for something to drink and were handed cups of water. We were handed some grapes to munch on also. When we asked for more, we were told that it would spoil our dinner. Daisy closed the back door in our faces after telling us to run and play. When we played croquet, Steve cheated by moving a wicket and I complained loudly, calling out Junior’s name to get a ruling. He came outdoors and told us to get along and be quiet. Strong parenting skills on display!

I really started to get hungry and went inside to get something to hold me over. I found Junior and Daisy sitting at the kitchenette coloring and talking. Daisy scolded me for eating too close to dinner, which I didn’t see getting made. When I asked what we were having, Junior and Daisy both looked up at me. I repeated my question. Junior looked at me and said he didn’t think he could cook a whole dinner because he was just a kid. I smiled at him and told him that we could order a pizza from Vesuvius and have it delivered. There are some perks to adulthood, pizza delivery being a good one. Daisy set the table and Junior got the drinks ready and when the pizza arrived, we all enjoyed it. After dinner, Steve brought out the Monopoly game to play while the kids cleaned up. We had a good time swapping roles for the day and as I got up to clean up the game, Junior looked at Steve and me and told us it was bedtime. I hoped the children wouldn’t notice how happy we were to be sent to bed early.

I was reading in bed and listened to the children clean up and eventually close the doors and go to their rooms. It wasn’t much later than they would usually be told to go to bed and Daisy knocked on our door to kiss us goodnight. As she was leaving the room, I saw Junior’s hand reach into the room and turn off the light switch. He followed that up with a stern warning for us to go to sleep,

I was not about to argue, so I put down my book and pulled my sleep mask over my eyes, putting my head down on the pillow. Steve, on the other hand, was not about to go without a fight. He called out loudly for a drink of water. I heard the kids laughing in the hall as they headed to their rooms, ignoring his request.

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