My Mind was Set

I set up a meeting with my school advisor to discuss my upcoming semester. Junior was spending the morning with a friend but I decided to take Daisy along to the meeting. We needed some one on one time anyway and I promised her lunch at the school cafeteria. There were fewer students on the campus and the walkways were almost empty, so Daisy ran ahead of me and climbed on the short walls and steps along the sidewalk. Her legs had gotten longer this year and I couldn’t dress her in short dresses anymore since she was more little girl than little.

Daisy was very polite with the advisor, who sat behind a giant wooden desk. While we spoke, Daisy looked over the book I brought to keep her busy. I wanted Daisy to go to college right after high school instead of playing catch up like me. The advisor was not overly impressed with my big two class schedule but I did my best to act like a student who would eventually take on more classes as my day job being a mom decreased. The advisor told me that until students starting taking half a full schedule, they usually didn’t need much attention. Full time students required the most attention. Being taken for granted is probably commonplace for older students. The advisor dismissed my slight concerns and told me to check the catalog for my next choices. I gave him my weakest smile, collected my daughter and headed for the quad. Daisy returned to climbing and running as we walked toward the building that housed the cafeteria. Some of the students lay on blankets on the grass, some reading, some talking to each other and some staring at the clouds. It looked relaxing and they didn’t seem to be stressed over their studies.

Daisy pushed her tray along the food line and I lifted her a few times to help her make her sections. She was excited to see so many desserts but had a hard time picking the perfect one because they all looked delicious. We stopped and I broke down the selections for her – pie, cake or pudding, chocolate, fruit or not, with whipped cream or not. Eventually, she settled on chocolate cake with whipped topping. Daisy smiled up at me and thanked me. Everyone needs help with choice at times. Especially when there are a lot of good ones.

Maybe I needed to think about college like a younger person. There were a lot of choices but manageable if I used logic. The quad was a place of fun and not just the way to get from one place to another. I was really lucky to live in our beautiful home to do my studying and enjoy my family while doing my coursework. Going to school was definitely a challenge and I think next semester might be a good time to add another class. That would make me a half-time student. I could handle that.

Watching other people sometime helps me make up my own mind. School was something my mind was set on. Having the outlook of a student made me feel like the whole world was out there for me to learn about. As Daisy balanced on the small wall next to the sidewalk, I stepped up behind her and followed her lead.

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