It’s Not the Heat, it’s the Hot

Summers are generally very warm at some point. Those first few days really feel good as the sunshine tans my skin after the cold of winter and the wet chill of spring. Spring gets away with being cool because it is extra pretty. The good thing about summer are the trips to the club pool or hanging outside with a cool drink. Every day this week has been an extra level of hot though. I could feel the wall of air when I opened the door to go outside. Even my cigarette smoking felt excessively hot. At the club, I jumped into the pool multiple times yesterday and finally just borrowed one of the inflatables the kids were using and floated around in the water. I may have looked a little silly, but I felt better.

When we came home, the children hid in their rooms playing in the cool air. Thank goodness for air conditioning. Growing up, we just had box fans in the windows moving hot air around. When Steve came home from work, he was concerned about his grass going dormant and not looking great, so he positioned the sprinkler on the front lawn. He sat in a chair in the shade with Francis between the houses as Francis watered his lawn also. I brought out a drink to Steve and noticed that Francis had a bottle of beer already. It was too hot to cook a big meal but I had prepared some salads for dinner. It was really too hot to eat. From time to time, the guys would get up and move their sprinklers, getting a little wet in the process.

After eating, Steve and the kids went back outside while Steve and Francis continued their watering. When they moved their sprinklers, they repositioned their chairs a little, always on the edge of the water’s reach. The children came out and ran around the lawn close enough to get a little wet. When Marie-Claire came out, they played sprinkler tag. At least, they wouldn’t need baths. After cleaning up the dishes, I made myself a drink and called Chloe to see if she wanted to join me outside. Her phone rang but she didn’t answer. She was probably taking a bubble bath or doing something French women do.

As I turned around the corner of the house, I was completely taken back by the scene on the front lawn. There was a giant game of sprinkler tag going on with squeals of laughter coming from the participants. I stopped short when I saw who was playing. Joining the kids on the lawn were Steve, Francis and Chloe, all chasing one another as they slipped on the wet grass. More than that, Zettie Louise was chasing along drenched in her usual olive drab. What a sight! I sipped my drink as they played, not even noticing me. It’s at a time like this I wish I carried my camera around with me.

A couple of minutes later, a really wet and dripping Chloe dragged me into the game. I tried hard to refuse but she hugged me and pulled me in. Once I was wet, there wasn’t much use in not playing. I was a tagged immediately by Junior and had to get up to speed to catch somebody else to be it. It took a minute or two since I slipped on my wet sandals but eventually I grabbed the back of Steve’s shorts and got him. Catching my breath, I went to the edge of the water and grabbed my drink to take a sip. When I looked up, I noticed Mags and Harold sitting on chairs on their lawn watching our spectacle. Mags waved when she saw me look up. It was then I realized that Harold had his movie camera out and was filming the scene. How embarrassing! Oh well, you are only young once I thought as I ran back into the sprinkler.

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