What Do You Intend To Do About It

Before leaving for the lake, I thought about how to make it a better experience for my family. I wanted to make memories. And not just for the children. We have been super lucky to have the chance to spend time together at Buck and June’s beautiful vacation home for a couple of summers. I know that Steve works hard for Buck and sometimes treats him better than the other managers but Steve makes Buck’s life easier by taking on the harder assignments. The employees respect Steve and he gets results by treating them fairly.

Looking back at the pictures developed from our last lake trip, I wanted to remember to pose the kids in the same place every trip to account for their growth. There are very few pictures of me as a child and when I look at them, they remind me of the event that prompted the picture taking. I knew we would have formal pictures taken for graduations and school pictures every year, but everyday life was somehow missing. My intention was to take more pictures to document our life at the lake. I was planning on placing these pictures in a separate album and place little mementos of the trip in the album too. My hope was to prompt more memories for the kids later and maybe even preserve some memories for Steve and me along the way.

Although it seemed a little like creating a team jersey, I bought shirts in matching colors for the four of us. I have worn matching outfits with Daisy previously but she has become too big to want to match her mother. Daisy has a streak of independence that may make her teenage years difficult for me. But I think I will be able to handle her.

I was hoping that I would find someone at the restaurant at the lake to take a family picture of us. Or maybe some pictures of us eating ice cream at the parlor. I intend to take sunset shots too but will pose one of the kids on the dock before snapping. Junior even has a favorite tree he climbs to look out from that I have never bothered to take his picture in and that would be a keeper!

Creating experiences may seem a little contrived but I am going to think of it more as capturing our life. I can knit the pictures with scraps of items kept from the trip and make some memories. At least, that’s my intention. If it works, I can share my album with the girls to get their opinion.

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