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Yesterday, it felt like a summer morning. Unnaturally warm with a sun that was already beating down and it wasn’t even 9 in the morning. Earlier, I had walked the children to the bus stop to jumpstart my yearly attempt at losing a few pounds before the actual start of bathing suit season. I intended on getting myself to a lovely bronze shade this year at the club. The children were old enough to play with their friends and get in and out of the pool without constant monitoring. I would only have to keep one eye on them this year. This summer, I planned on getting my housework done early enough three days each week to get poolside in time to choose a prime spot. Most people already knew where my group sat and don’t bother with those chairs anyway. But I preferred a certain vantage point to be able to see the pool and the playground area. Walking back from the bus stop, I took an extra turn around the block and was ready for a quick sit before starting my chores.

I was working on my end of term paper. It was our longest assignment and Lucy had left the theme wide open. She threw in a little monkey wrench by letting us know that three other members of the class would be reading each person’s work so we would get ready for more peer review criticism. I was used to Lucy’s comments on my papers and was completely unprepared for having other students critique my work. Some of my classmates have real talent and I admired their stories when they had the chance to read them in class. Lucy had given each of us the chance to read some works of our own choosing and some she chose. The funniest class was when she mixed up our works and we had to read out loud words that we had not written ourselves. The author’s name was not read until after the reading was done. Several times, we were guessing who the writer was as we listened. It was fun and a little intimidating to hear someone else read my words and they placed emphasis on different words than I would have. It really made me rethink my writing style. I wanted to write a paper on life and how it continues to continue, despite what happens. As a family, we had ups and downs, and the world certainly had its own ups and downs. The climate of our country has changed dramatically since the end of the war and most people never even mention that time anymore. It’s part of history now. The end of term paper required some thought and my new walks might give me time to ponder how to write it.

Today as I headed back up the block from the bus stop, Sarah came out and asked if she could join me and I told her I would take another turn around the block. The next thing I knew, Zettie Louise, Chloe and Mags had joined the group and we all walked around the block again. The conversation was light and fun and the whole chatty gang walked at the same pace.  As we came back around, everyone returned to their own home, promising to look for each other again in the morning if the weather was good.  If we kept this up, I would definitely be ready for a new bathing suit. But the part I really enjoyed was just the spontaneous group that just joined in as we strolled around the block. Life continues to continue, even on my block.

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