Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Artie must be a lucky guy. Edie, his wonderful wife, is a secret romance writer. Presumably, she earns something on those novels, although it would be rude to ask her if she gets to keep that money for herself. Artie travels so he sees a lot of cities and probably eats out in those exotic places. His pilot life looks glamorous and he looks very official going off to work in his uniform. Although I know Edie misses him when he is away, when he returns he is off for a few days in a row. I’m not sure what it would be like to have Steve hanging around the house for multiple days. He would probably get underfoot and I would miss my ability to follow my own schedule.

Edie told me about a plan she had to treat Artie when he came home from his next trip. Edie shopped for Artie’s favorite foods, planned delicious meals, including breakfast in bed, and stocked up on his preferred expensive liquor. She had asked me about whether it would be too much to give him a pedicure. Artie had beautiful hands. He did have a small scar from a war wound on his arm but almost every man I knew had at least one small leftover scar somewhere. Edie told me that Artie got regular manicures; a fact I planned on not sharing with Steve unless I needed to get him to wash up for dinner someday.

Edie also bought some cushy new pillows for their bed. I did not ask for any details on that part of the plan. I had read her novels and knew Edie could handle that part of her plan. She had also purchased some flying magazines and bought him a new model airplane to work on. The plan sounded like so much fun!

When I saw Artie’s fancy car parked in the driveway this morning and noticed the blinds still closed, I figured Edie had started her event. I hoped that Edie remembered to take the phone off the hook. Artie returns to work in four days. In the meantime, Edie and Artie would enjoy their little love nest alone. Hopefully, Artie will make some future plans to treat our Edie. She is so thoughtful and deserves some special treatment for keeping those home fires burning.

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