The Best Time of My Life

My life seems pretty charmed. A terrific husband, two great kids, my lovely home, my gal pals and more. I am following my dreams and trying out going to school after what seems like forever. I have my own car and a generous allowance to spend without accounting for every penny.

Maybe that’s why I was taken aback by the subject of Lucy’s latest assignment. Thinking back, I couldn’t put my finger directly on any time in my life that was spectacular. My wedding day was very special, of course, and the birth of each of the children were days to remember. Stevie Junior’s appearance after a long labor made me a Mom. For Daisy’s birth, I was cooler and collected and enjoyed the nurses’ care more. Nursery nurses take good care of newborns but they remember to take the babies away after nursing to allow mothers time to rest. All special times. So how could I choose the best time of my life so far?

It sure was not my childhood. I was a “serious” child who was good in school without trying too hard, athletic without practicing too much and had enough friends. A mediocre existence; low on drama and needs. Since I had time to prepare for class, I brought the question up at our card party in a semi-casual conversation. We were at Gail’s house and Daisy was playing with Gracie as we sat and had cocktails. When I brought up the question, the mood in the room turned thoughtful and wend deadly silent. Gail answered first and turned first to check to see that the girls were not within earshot. Gail liked her pre-mommy days when she and Gil were working as a medical team. It wasn’t that she didn’t like being a mother because we all knew she was a supermom to her children. Gail explained that she felt totally alive using her nursing skills.

Mags said her best days were ahead. She knew that Harold was working hard to be promoted and she was his partner in that quest. Every dinner party she hosted, every charity event they attended, every person she met was a chance to use her instincts to see how she could be of assistance. Judy Anne, of course, thought all of her life was the best and Sarah loved the childhood days of being her daddy’s princess. Edie reminisced about those fleeting days after she was first engaged when Artie was super attentive. Chloe chuckled and said that she was waiting for the best but knew that the tide had turned in her favor moving to the states. Everyone turned to look at me. I shrugged my shoulders and meekly answered today. After I said it, I knew it was true. I smiled and looked at my friends. I knew what I would write about. Life was pretty good and every day had a little of the best times in it. I knew that I would face hard days ahead, but past hard times hadn’t broken me. My faith in myself was strong and there were examples all around me of how good I had it. The only thing I needed to do now was check how many words the assignment entailed. This paper might be long.

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